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We invest in innovative meta-scientific research, as well as in the development and testing of new tools and methods to contribute to a growing body of evidence on problems and solutions in science. Our research portfolio includes work led by BITSS investigators, as well as by our partners and grantees of our Social Science Meta-Analysis and Research Transparency (SSMART) grants.

This Research Library catalogs all research projects supported or led by BITSS. All research projects are categorized by i) program, ii) metascientific topic, and iii) discipline. Filter results by applying criteria along these parameters.

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Scott Desposato and George Avelino conducted the first meta-analysis and reproducibility analysis of political science in Brazil using all articles published in the last five years in the three leading Brazilian political science and general social science journals, including the... Read More

Evaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilityMeta-Analyses and Systematic ReviewsPolitical ScienceSSMART
George Avelino Scott Desposato

The evidence-based community has championed the public registration of pre-analysis plans (PAPs) as a solution to the problem of research credibility, but without any evidence that PAPs actually bolster the credibility of research. Ofosu and Posner analyze a representative sample... Read More

EconomicsEvaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilityInterdisciplinaryMethods and ToolsPolitical ScienceSSMART
George Ofosu Daniel Posner

Aggregating data across studies is a central challenge in ensuring cumulative, reproducible science. Meta-analysis is a key statistical tool for this purpose. The goal of this project is to support meta-analysis using MetaLab, an interface and central repository. MetaLab supports... Read More

Cognitive ScienceInterdisciplinaryMeta-Analyses and Systematic ReviewsPsychologySSMART
Christina Bergmann Sho Tsuji Molly Lewis Mika Braginsky Page Piccinini Alejandrina Cristia Michael C. Frank

The introduction of confidence at 95 percent or 90 percent has led the academic community to accept more easily starry stories with marginally significant coefficients than starless ones with insignificant coefficients. In February 2015, the editors of eight health economics... Read More

EconomicsEvaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilitySSMART
Cristina Blanco-Perez Abel Brodeur

The Guideline for Reporting Mediation Analyses (AGReMA) is an evidence- and consensus-based guideline that provides recommendations for reporting primary and secondary mediation analyses of randomized trials and observational studies. It is designed to assist authors, peer-reviewers, and journal editors to... Read More

Methods and ToolsPublic HealthSSMART
Hopin Lee James H. McAuley Steven Kamper Nicolas Henschke Christopher M. Williams

Eric-Jan Wagenmakers and colleagues developed a suite of meta-analytic techniques for Bayesian evidence synthesis, addressing a series of challenges that currently constrain classical meta-analytic procedures. These techniques include (1) an application of bridge sampling to obtain Bayes factors for random-effects... Read More

Methods and ToolsPsychologySSMART
E.J. Wagenmakers Raoul Grasman Quentin F. Gronau Felix Schönbrodt

Lenz and Sahn examine how often research findings depend on suppression effects, or covariate-induced increases in effect sizes. Researchers generally scrutinize suppression effects as they want reassurance that researchers have a strong explanation for effect size increases, especially when the... Read More

Evaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilityMeta-Analyses and Systematic ReviewsPolitical ScienceSSMART
Gabriel Lenz Alexander Sahn

Cleo Protogerou, Martin Hagger, and Blair Johnson developed and tested an integrated theory of the determinants of condom use among young people in Sub-Saharan Africa using meta-analytic path analysis. The meta-analysis encompassed fifty-five studies (N = 55,069), comprising 72 independent... Read More

Meta-Analyses and Systematic ReviewsPsychologySSMART
Cleo Protogerou Martin Hagger Blair T. Johnson

This project aims to replicate and combine three recent experiments on capital transfers to poor households in two distinct phases. The first phase will produce three concise internal replications. These will be accompanied by a report detailing the challenges faced... Read More

EconomicsEvaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilityMethods and ToolsSSMART
Elliott Collins Ethan Ligon Reajul Chowdhury

In this study, Joshua Polanin and Mary Terzian provide an explanation of why primary study authors are unwilling to share their data and evaluate whether sending a data-sharing agreement affects participants’ willingness to share IPD. They sampled and surveyed more... Read More

Methods and ToolsPsychologyPublic HealthPublic PolicyScholarly Communication and Peer ReviewSSMART
Joshua Polanin Mary Terzian

Protocols improve the reproducibility and accessibility of social science research. Given deficiencies in trial protocol quality, the SPIRIT (Standard Protocol Items: Recommendations for Interventional Trials) Statement provides an evidence-based set of items to describe in protocols of clinical trials on... Read More

Methods and ToolsSocial ScienceSSMART
Sean Grant

Burlig, Preonas, and Woerman develop a power calculation technique and accompanying software package for experiments that use panel data. They generalize Frison and Pocock (1992) to fully arbitrary error structures, thereby extending McKenzie (2012) to allow for non-constant serial correlation.... Read More

EconomicsMethods and ToolsSSMART
Fiona Burlig Matt Woerman Louis Preonas

Meta-analyses are an important tool to evaluate the literature. It is essential that meta-analyses can easily be reproduced to allow researchers to evaluate the impact of subjective choices on meta-analytic effect sizes, but also to update meta-analyses as new data... Read More

Evaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilityMeta-Analyses and Systematic ReviewsPsychologySSMART
Daniel Lakens Marcel van Assen Farid Anvari Katherine Corker James Grange Heike Gerger Fred Hasselman Jacklyn Koyama Cosima Locher Ian Miller Elizabeth Page-Gould Felix Schönbrodt Amanda Sharples Barbara Spellman Shelly Zhou

The proposed project will utilize p-curve, a new meta-analytic tool to assess the evidentiary value of studies from social psychology and behavioral marketing. P-curves differs from meta-analytic methods by analyzing the distribution of p-values to determine the likelihood that a... Read More

Evaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilityPsychologySSMART
Leif Nelson

As methods for internal validity improve, methodological concerns have shifted toward assessing how well the research community can extrapolate from individual studies. Under recent federal granting initiatives, over $1 billion has been awarded to education programs that have been validated... Read More

EconomicsEducationEvaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilityPublic PolicySSMART
Sean Tanner

Publication bias is a substantial problem for the credibility of research in general and of meta-analyses in particular, as it yields overestimated effects and may suggest the existence of non-existing effects. Although there is consensus that publication bias exists, how... Read More

Evaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilityLife SciencesMedicineMeta-Analyses and Systematic ReviewsMetascience (Methods and Archival Science)PsychologySSMART
Robbie van Aert Jelte Wicherts Marcel van Assen

Under-powered studies combined with low prior beliefs about intervention effects increase the chances that a positive result is overstated. We collect prior beliefs about intervention impacts from 125 experts to estimate the false positive and false negative report probabilities (FPRP... Read More

EconomicsEvaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilitySSMART
Eva Vivalt Aidan Coville

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