Integrated Theoretical Model of Condom Use for Young People in Sub-Saharan Africa PsychologySSMART

Cleo Protogerou Martin Hagger Blair T. Johnson
Cleo Protogerou, Martin Hagger, and Blair Johnson developed and tested an integrated theory of the determinants of condom use among young people in Sub-Saharan Africa using meta-analytic path analysis. The meta-analysis encompassed fifty-five studies (N = 55,069), comprising 72 independent data sets, and representing thirteen Sub-Saharan African nations. Their analysis revealed significant direct and positive effects of attitudes, norms, control, and risk perceptions on condom use intentions, and of intention and control on condom use. They also found negative effects of perceived barriers on use. In conclusion, their integrated theory provides an evidence-based framework to study antecedents of condom use in Sub-Saharan African youth and to develop targets for effective condom promotion interventions.
Publications associated with this project:
  • Protogerou, Cleo, Blair T. Johnson, and Martin S. Hagger. β€œAn Integrated Model of Condom Use in Sub-Saharan African Youth: A Meta-Analysis.” Health Psychology 37, no. 6 (2018): 586–602. https://doi.org/10.1037/hea0000604.