Distributed Meta-Analysis: A New Approach for Constructing Collaborative Literature Reviews EconomicsSSMART

Solomon Hsiang James Rising

Scientists and consumers of scientific knowledge can struggle to synthesize the quickly evolving state of empirical research. Even where recent, comprehensive literature reviews and meta-analyses exist, there is frequent disagreement on the criteria for inclusion and the most useful partitions across the studies. To address these problems, we create an online tool for collecting, combining and communicating a wide range of empirical results. The tool provides a collaborative database of statistical parameter estimates, which facilitates the sharing of key results. Scientists engaged in empirical research or in the review of others’ work can input rich descriptions of study parameters and empirically estimated relationships. Consumers of this information can filter the results according to study methodology, the studied population, and other attributes. Across any filtered collection of results, the tool calculates pooled and hierarchically modeled common parameters, as well as the range of variation between studies.

Publications associated with this project:

  • Rising, James, and Solomon Hsiang. “Distributed Meta-Analysis: A New Approach for Constructingcollaborative Literature Reviews.” Open Science Framework, July 8, 2017. https://osf.io/rj8v9/.