Bayesian Evidence Synthesis: New Meta-Analytic Procedures for Statistical Evidence PsychologySSMART

E.J. Wagenmakers Raoul Grasman Quentin F. Gronau Felix Schönbrodt

Eric-Jan Wagenmakers and colleagues developed a suite of meta-analytic techniques for Bayesian evidence synthesis, addressing a series of challenges that currently constrain classical meta-analytic procedures. These techniques include (1) an application of bridge sampling to obtain Bayes factors for random-effects meta-analysis; (2) the computation of Bayes factors for fixed-effect versus random-effects meta-analysis; (3) proposal of an informed prior on study heterogeneity based on a comprehensive literature search; (4) model-averaged evidence across fixed-effect and random-effects meta-analyses, thereby accounting for model-uncertainty; and (5) a proposal for a running power analysis in the field of meta-analysis.

The following papers are associated with this project:

  1. bridgesampling: An R Package for Estimating Normalizing Constants
  2. Fixed or Random? A Resolution Through Model Averaging: Reply to Carlsson, Schimmack, Williams, and Bürkner (2017)