Jun 5, 2024  –  Jun 7, 2024

Research Transparency and Reproducibility Training (RT2) 2024

The Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences will hold its 12th Research Transparency and Reproducibility Training (RT2) in Berkeley, CA, June 5-7, 2024! 

RT2 provides participants with an overview of tools and best practices for transparent and reproducible social science research. This year, we will highlight the credibility and reliability of findings in behavioral and social science research (BSSR), especially related to aging and health disparities (though training in this field is not required to participate). The curriculum will be developed and delivered by academic leaders in the open science movement as well as experts on aging and health disparities. The three-day training will include space for collaborative work and hands-on skill building. Participants are encouraged to bring their own research questions and ideas so they can seek support and feedback from instructors and other attendees. Learn more about previous RT2 events here.

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Mar 8, 2024  –  Mar 8, 2024  |  Berkeley, CA 94720

2024 BITSS Annual Meeting

The BITSS Annual Meeting will bring together actors from academia, scholarly publishing, and policy to share novel research and discuss efforts to improve the credibility of social science by advancing research transparency, reproducibility, rigor, and ethics. The 12th BITSS Annual Meeting will be held on Friday, March 8 in Berkeley, CA.

We are delighted to hear from keynote speaker Arthur Lupia, who worked to advance scientific credibility when he served as Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation, leading its Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate from 2018-2022. We look forward to hearing his perspectives on the progress we’ve made as a research community—and the steps that lie ahead.