BITSS seeks to be a leader in producing research that tackles two key problems:

Limited understanding on the current state of stakeholder norms and practices

While there is an ever growing body of literature on the negative consequences of poor research transparency (publication bias, p-hacking, errors, and fraud), there is limited understanding of researchers’ current norms and practices related to research transparency and underlying understanding of why there is slow and limited adoption of existing research transparency methods and tools.

Limited supply of and evidence on solutions that improve the transparency and reproducibility of research

For example, while there is consensus in the research transparency community that publishing a pre-analysis plan is an important first step to mitigating p-hacking or other researcher degrees of freedom, there is a lack of consensus on what a pre-analysis plan should include and what makes a good pre-analysis plan in order to maximize research quality. In addition, there are a variety of potential solutions, such as incentives and policies, that can and should be tested in order to assess what works and what doesn’t to change norms and practices.

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