MetaLab: Paving the way for easy-to-use, dynamic, crowdsourced meta-analyses Cognitive ScienceInterdisciplinaryPsychologySSMART

Christina Bergmann Sho Tsuji Molly Lewis Mika Braginsky Page Piccinini Alejandrina Cristia Michael C. Frank

Aggregating data across studies is a central challenge in ensuring cumulative, reproducible science. Meta-analysis is a key statistical tool for this purpose. The goal of this project is to support meta-analysis using MetaLab, an interface and central repository.

MetaLab supports collaborative hosting and creation of dynamic meta-analyses based entirely on open tools. The platform is supported by a community of researchers and students who can become creators, curators, contributors, and/or users of meta-analyses. Currently, MetaLab only hosts meta-analyses in Early Language and Cognitive Development, however, extensions to other subfields of the social sciences are possible.