Dec 12, 2013  –  Dec 13, 2013  |  Berkeley

BITSS 2013 Annual Meeting

This year’s convening featured presentations of several recent and promising efforts to increase transparency in economics, political science, psychology, and biostatistics. During this day and a half, a packed room of academics, funders, and journal editors discussed different strategies to increase the coordination among transparency initiatives, promote knowledge-sharing and innovation, and foster the adoption of effective transparency tools by the research community.

The conference was hosted by the Center for Effective Global Action, and supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and the Center for Open Science.

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Event Agenda

Ted Miguel: Opening Presentation

Alan Hubbard and Mark van der Laan: Statistical Inference for Data Adaptive Target Parameters

Thad Dunning and Macartan Humphreys: Pre-registered and Coordinated Research: The EGAP Regranting Pool

George Alter: Sharing Confidential Data

Merce Crosas: Open Data & Datatags

Stephanie Wykstra: Replication Overview

Allan Dafoe: Science Deserves Better: The Imperative to Share Complete Replication Files

Uri Simonsohn: Small Telescopes: Detectability and the Evaluation of Replication Results

Andrew Moravcsik: The Revolution in Qualitative Methods: Active Citation

Brian Nosek: Center for Open Science & The Open Science Framework

Colin Elman and Arthur Lupia: Data Access and Research Transparency

Donald Green, Macartan Humphreys, Jenny Smith: Principles and Proposals for a More Credible Research Publication

Nancy Lutz: NSF Policies on Transparency

Andrew Sallans and Johanna Cohoon: Open Science Framework: Enabling Open Practices and Increasing Organization