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We invest in innovative meta-scientific research, as well as in the development and testing of new tools and methods to contribute to a growing body of evidence on problems and solutions in science. Our research portfolio includes work led by BITSS investigators, as well as by our partners and grantees of our Social Science Meta-Analysis and Research Transparency (SSMART) grants.

This Research Library catalogs all research projects supported or led by BITSS. All research projects are categorized by i) program, ii) metascientific topic, and iii) discipline. Filter results by applying criteria along these parameters.

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While the social sciences have made impressive progress in adopting transparent research practices that facilitate verification, replication, and reuse of materials, the problem of publication bias persists. Bias on the part of peer reviewers and journal editors, as well as... Read More

BITSS Scholars
Edward Miguel David Laitin

A decade ago, the term "research transparency" was not on economists' radar screen, but in a few short years a scholarly movement has emerged to bring new open science practices, tools and norms into the mainstream of our discipline. The... Read More

BITSS ScholarsEconomicsEvaluations of Transparency and Reproducibility
Edward Miguel

Has there been a meaningful movement toward open science practices within the social sciences in recent years? Discussions about changes in practices such as posting data and pre-registering analyses have been marked by controversy—including over the extent to which change... Read More

BITSS ScholarsEconomicsEvaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilityInterdisciplinaryPolitical SciencePsychologySociology
Edward Miguel Garret Christensen Elizabeth Levy Paluck

The evidence-based policy movement promotes the use of empirical evidence to inform policy decision-making. While this movement has gained traction over the last two decades, several concerns about the credibility of empirical research have been identified in scientific disciplines that... Read More

BITSS ScholarsInterdisciplinaryMethods and ToolsPublic Policy
Fernando Hoces Sean Grant Edward Miguel

“Transparent and Reproducible Social Science Research: How to do open science” is the first textbook to offer a comprehensive introduction to open science tools and methods. Use code 17M6662 at checkout to take advantage of a 30% discount in purchases... Read More

BITSS ScholarsEconomicsEvaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilityMethods and ToolsPolitical SciencePsychologyScholarly Communication and Peer Review
Garret Christensen Jeremy Freese Edward Miguel

This study estimates the effect of data sharing on the citations of academic articles, using journal policies as a natural experiment. We begin by examining 17 high-impact journals that have adopted the requirement that data from published articles be publicly... Read More

BITSS ScholarsEconomicsPolitical ScienceScholarly Communication and Peer Review
Garret Christensen Allan Dafoe Edward Miguel Don Moore Andrew K. Rose

There is growing interest in research transparency and reproducibility in economics and other fields. We survey existing work on these topics within economics and discuss the evidence suggesting that publication bias, inability to replicate and specification searching remain widespread problems... Read More

BITSS ScholarsEconomicsEvaluations of Transparency and ReproducibilityMethods and Tools
Edward Miguel Garret Christensen

Publication bias leads consumers of research to observe a selected sample of statistical estimates calculated by producers of research. We calculate critical values for statistical significance that undo the distortions created by this selection effect, assuming that the only source... Read More

BITSS ScholarsMetascience (Methods and Archival Science)Methods and ToolsSocial Science
Justin McCrary Garret Christensen Daniele Fanelli

The Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Committee met at the Center for Open Science in Charlottesville, Virginia, in November 2014 to address one important element of the incentive systems: journals' procedures and policies for publication. The committee consisted of disciplinary... Read More

BITSS ScholarsInterdisciplinaryMethods and ToolsScholarly Communication and Peer Review
Brian Nosek

There is a growing appreciation for the advantages of experimentation in the social sciences. Policy-relevant claims that in the past were backed by theoretical arguments and inconclusive correlations are now being investigated using more credible methods. Changes have been particularly... Read More

BITSS ScholarsInterdisciplinaryMethods and ToolsScholarly Communication and Peer ReviewSocial Science
Edward Miguel Colin Camerer Kate Casey J. Cohen Kevin Esterling Alan Gerber Rachel Glennerster Donald P. Green Macartan Humphreys Guido Imbens Temina Madon Leif Nelson Brian Nosek Maya Petersen Richard Sedlmayr Joseph Simmons Mark van der Laan

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