Transparent and Reproducible Social Science Research (Textbook) BITSS ScholarsEconomicsPolitical SciencePsychology

Garret Christensen Edward Miguel

Psychology, political science, and economics have all recently taken their turn in the spotlight with instances of influential research that fell apart when scrutinized. Beyond scandals featuring deliberate fraud, there is growing evidence that much social science research features sloppy yet inadvertent errors, and a sense that many analyses produce statistically “significant” results only by chance. Due in part to a rising number of highly publicized cases, there is growing demand for solutions. A movement is emerging across social science disciplines, and especially in economics, political science and psychology, for greater research transparency, openness, and reproducibility. Our textbook, Transparent and Reproducible Social Science Research, will be the first to crystallize the new insights, practices and methods in this growing interdisciplinary field.