BITSS looks to support the implementation of OPA tools and practices at policy analysis organizations and government agencies across various policy areas and contexts. We offer training, on-demand consultation, and support in implementing OPA tools and practices in existing or new policy reports.  OPA can be applied at any level based on the needs of the policy institution, including the entire organization, a department, a segment of the policy analysis process, or an individual report.

Though this is not an exhaustive list of criteria, OPA may be particularly relevant for:

  • Reports based on quantitative analysis;
  • Recurring reports, based on standardized form and content;
  • Reports that include simulations using different assumptions; and
  • Reports for which underlying data can be made publicly available.

If you’re interested to learn how to bring OPA to your institution, would like to nominate a policy report, or are unsure if OPA is relevant to your policy report, get in touch with Fernando Hoces de la Guardia at