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Garret Christensen–BITSS Project Scientist


How has registration affected publication bias in medical research? This comes as a surprise to me, but maybe not so much, says Grant M. Gordon. He’s presenting on this research Monday 1/25 in the BIDS space (190 Doe Library) at UC Berkeley. Find the paper and more info here.

Immediately after that, also on 1/25, one of our Leamer-Rosenthal prize winners, Phil Stark, is giving a lecture titled “A Noob’s Guide to Reproducibility.” Details here.

The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE, AKA the folks that have made registration of trials and following the CONSORT reporting guidelines standard in medical research by enforcing the rules at the top journals) have proposed data sharing requirements as a condition of publication. If these are implemented (and enforced–how this would work is a little unclear to me, since the proposal is to require data six months after publication), this would be a huge win for reproducibility. Read the editorial here. They are open to public comment until April 18, 2016.

Lastly, a more grassroots effort to encourage data sharing is the Peer Reviewers Openness Initiative. They’re trying to build the transparency movement by getting researchers to agree that after January 1, 2017, they will not review articles unless they can see the data at the time they’re reviewing it. They have 254 signatories right now.

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