Apr 26, 2017  |  Barcelona

Transparency + Reproducibility Workshop at IMEBESS 2017

This workshop kicks off the Fourth International Meeting on Experimental and Behavioural Social Sciences (IMEBESS) in Barcelona, Spain, organized by the Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS). The workshop was organized in part by BITSS Catalyst David Klinowski.

This one-day workshop will provide an overview of open research practices, as well as hands-on training in tools for managing a reproducible workflow. We will discuss the increasing relevance of these practices in the social sciences, including their endorsement by researchers, journal editors, and funding agencies. Participants will learn strategies and tools for managing research workflow, preparing and submitting pre-registrations and pre-analysis plans, and effectively sharing material with collaborators and the scientific community.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Challenges to credibility and reproducibility including publication bias and p-hacking
  • Hands-on training with the AEA registry and OSF
  • Registering studies and preparing pre-analysis plans
  • Dynamics Documents in Stata and R
  • Version Control with Git/Github

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