Feb 14, 2018  |  Berkeley, CA

Garret Christensen at UC Berkeley Love Data Week 2018

Garret Christensen will participate in the Data Stories and Visualization Panel at UC Berkeley Love Data Week 2018 on Tuesday, February 14, 2018. Garret will discuss how he used Department of Defense data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request to research how war deaths were affecting the supply of military recruits. Especially without a lawyer, getting this data is time-consuming and may be impossible to verify the quality of the data. But now the data is publicly available in a trusted repository.

More about UC Berkeley Love Data Week 2018

The University LibraryResearch IT, and Berkeley Institute for Data Science will host a series of events February 12th-16th during Love Data Week 2018. Love Data Week is a nationwide campaign designed to raise awareness about data visualization, management, sharing, and preservation.

Attend to learn about multiple data services that the campus provides and discover options for managing and publishing your data. Graduate students, researchers, librarians, and data specialists are invited to gain hands-on experience, learn about resources, and engage in discussion around researchers’ data needs at different stages of their research process.


Love Data Week 2018 Schedule:

Intro to Scopus APIs –  Learn about working with APIs and how to use the Scopus APIs for text mining.
01:00 – 03:00 p.m.Tuesday, February 13, Doe Library, Room 190 (BIDS)
Refreshments will be provided.

Data Stories and Visualization Panel – Learn how data is being used in creative and compelling ways to tell stories. Researchers across disciplines will talk about their successes and failures in dealing with data.
1:00 – 02:45 p.m.Wednesday, February 14, Doe Library, Room 190 (BIDS)
Refreshments will be provided.

Planning for & Publishing your Research Data – Learn why and how to manage and publish your research data as well as how to prepare a data management plan for your research project.
02:00 – 03:00 p.m.Thursday, February 15, Doe Library, Room 190 (BIDS)