Oct 19, 2017  –  Oct 21, 2017  |  San Diego, CA

Elise Wang Sonne to Present at the Women in Statistics and Data Science Conference

BITSS Catalyst and 2017 Leamer-Rosenthal Prize recepient Elise Wang Sonne is presenting at a speed session and a hosting a poster at the 2017 Women in Statistics and Data Science Conference (WSDS) of the American Statistical Association (ASA), scheduled for October 19-21, 2017. Elise’s presentation builds on her Catalyst trainings in Sub-Saharan Africa and reflects on the gender bias in research transparency and the adoption of reproducibility practices. Abstract below.

Research transparency and reproducibility in social sciences research: The role of women data scientists (304041)

With the many replication controversies (academic research misconducts) that have happened over the last decade in social sciences (See e.g, McCullough et al., Chang et al.), there has been a growing interest toward finding mechanisms to strengthen integrity in social sciences research. A couple of studies have been undertaken to understand what works to foster transparency and reproducibility in social sciences by identifying which specific researchers are more likely to use non-transparent behaviors. However, little is still known about whether those attitudes are gender biases or more precisely, whether women data science researchers are less likely to engage in non-transparent behavior than their male counterparts. This paper intends to fill this gap in the literature.