Oct 12, 2017  | 

COS Preregistration Webinar

As part of the Center for Open Science’s ongoing education campaign about the benefits of preregistration, COS has an upcoming webinar on October 12th.
Preregistration reduces bias and increases rigor of research, but it is not widely practiced outside of clinical medicine. The Preregistration Challenge includes an easy-to-use form for creating a rigorous research plan and $1,000 prizes for one thousand researchers who publish the results of their preregistered work.
In this 1-hour webinar, we will cover two topics:
  1. How preregistration benefits you as a researcher, and
  2. How to easily create a preregistration on the Open Science Framework.

Benefits of preregistration (20 minutes)
How to preregister (25 minutes)
Q&A (15 minutes)

Note: This campaign is open to residents of most countries. Unfortunately, residents of countries on the U.S. State Department’s list of embargoed countries are not eligible for this competition.