Jun 25, 2018  –  Jun 29, 2018  |  Bogotá

Computational Tools for Interdisciplinary Reproducible Research — Catalyst Short Course, Bogotá, Colombia

Catalyst Jose Manuel Magallanes will hold a short course at Los Andes University in Colombia on using various computational tools for carrying out reproducible research in interdisciplinary teams.

This course will present the various tools available that support the automization, reproduction, sharing, auditing, and preservation of collaborative research. The intended audience is students who have completed research methods courses and, preferably, have a research project. The course emphasizes the use of programs for processing statistical data.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to use R and Python with a replicability approach;
  • Adequately organize their data, code, bibliographical references, graphics, and text in online repositories;
  • Facilitate the automization and reproducibility of their code;
  • Produce documentation in PDF or HTML formats;
  • Learn how to share their work using GitHub;
  • Learn how to customize work templates using LaTeX.