Dec 7, 2012  |  Berkeley, CA

BITSS 2012 Annual Meeting

This one-day meeting brought together a select group of researchers from across disciplines – including Economics, Political Science, Psychology and Statistics – to discuss the use of pre-analysis plans and study registries. The goal of the meeting was to understand the promise, as well as limitations, of recent developments in this area across different social science disciplines, and discuss possible ways forward.


Opening Session: Introductions and Overview
Ted Miguel (UC Berkeley), Kevin Esterling (UC Riverside)

The Use of Pre-analysis Plans in Economics
Kate Casey (Stanford)Ben Olken (MIT)
Discussant: Arprajit Mahajan (UCLA)

Pre-specification in Statistics and Clinical trials
Maya Petersen (UC Berkeley), Mark van der Laan (UC Berkeley)
Discussant: Bryan Graham (UC Berkeley)

Trial Registration in Political Science
Jeremy Weinstein (Stanford), David Laitin (Stanford)
Discussants: Kevin Esterling (UC Riverside), Don Green (Columbia)

Increasing Research Transparency in Psychology
Brian Nosek (University of Virginia), Leif Nelson (UC Berkeley)
Discussant: Gabe Lenz (UC Berkeley)

Closing Session: Unresolved Issues, Potential Work Products, and Registration Platforms
Kevin Esterling (UC Riverside), Ted Miguel (UC Berkeley), Carson Christiano (UC Berkeley)