Jan 4, 2020  |  San Diego, CA

ASSA 2020 Paper Session: Improving the Transparency and Credibility of Economics Research

BITSS Faculty Director Edward Miguel will chair a paper session titled “Improving the Transparency and Credibility of Economics Research” as part of the ASSA 2020 Annual Meeting at 2:30-4:30 PM on January 4 in San Diego, CA. The session will include the following presentations:

  1. “Open Science Practices Are on the Rise in Economics” — Edward Miguel (UC Berkeley and CEGA/BITSS);
  2. “A Proposed Specification Check for P-Hacking” — Abel Brodeur (University of Ottawa);
  3. “Evidence on the Use of Pre-analysis Plans in Economics and Political Science” — Daniel Posner (UCLA);
  4. “Forecasting the Results of Economic Research” — Stefano DellaVigna (UC Berkeley).

Fiona Burlig (University of Chicago), Michael Gechter (Pennsylvania State University), and David McKenzie (World Bank) will be discussants. Learn more and find abstracts here.