Week 5: Transparent Data Visualization and Looking Forward

Data Visualization

Social scientists can improve transparency in their research by using good visual representations of their data. In this activity, we’ll introduce you to transparent data visualization.

5.1 Introduction to transparent data visualization

5.2 How graphics reveal data

5.3 A brief history of maps, time-series, and charts

5.4 Graphical excellence and integrity

5.5 What should we do to improve our graphs and figures?

5.6 Making graphics more transparent and compelling

Looking Forward

The social science community is experiencing a rapid paradigm shift in regards to research transparency and a research transparency movement is in full swing. Where will it head? And how can you continue to be a part of it?

5.9 The (r)evolution of scientific practice and methods

5.10 Trends in social science in the last 25 years

5.11 How to spread transparency