BITSS/IPA Kenya Workshop on data-sharing and reproducibility

BITSS and Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) recently co-hosted a workshop on reproducibility outside Nairobi, Kenya. IPA’s Stephanie Wykstra wrote a post for the IPA blog about the event:

During the workshop (agenda here) we covered topics on how to make research reproducible. The sessions included an overview of why research is unreliable and how to make it more reliable, best practices for managing data and code, writing a pre-analysis plan, writing dynamic documents with Markdoc in Stata, and using Git/Github for keeping track of versions of code. We also had sessions on Open Science Framework (OSF), a tool created by the Center for Open Science for collaborating with other researchers. We hosted a guest speaker, Dr. Paulin Basinga, who works with the Gates Foundation as well as the Ministry of Health in Rwanda and discussed (video here) the importance of replications for providing a strong evidence base for policy. Finally, we dedicated several hours to hands-on time in which participants could work on improving their own data/code with instructors present to assist. All materials are available on our workshop page on OSF.

You can read Stephanie’s entire post here.


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