UC Press Launches New Open Access Publications

The University of California’s publishing house, UC Press, has announced the launch of two new publications, Collabra and Luminos. Collabra will publish academic articles across many academic disciplines including the life, environmental, social and behavioral sciences. Luminos will publish monographs across all fields of study. As the UC Press website indicates, the publications will “not only [share] the research but also the value created by the academic community.”

With low up-front APCs [Article Processing Charges], a sponsorship fund for authors unable to pay, and sharing actual revenue with editors and reviewers, Collabra builds a fair and welcoming ecosystem. (Collabra Website)

Luminos is also based on an innovative publishing model:

[It] shares the cost burden of publishing in manageable amounts across the academic community. For each title, UC Press makes a significant contribution, augmented by membership funds from supporting libraries. Authors will then be asked to secure a title publication fee to cover the remaining costs. Additional revenue from supporting libraries and print sales will help to support an author waiver fund. (UCSD Library Blog)

The publication of the two initiatives coincides with a well needed push towards greater access and openness in academic publishing and will hopefully increase the benefits of the public goods provided by researchers and their affiliated academic institutions.

For more information on either publication, contact Lorraine Weston at lweston@ucpress.edu.