Replication in Economics Database

For scientific progress, it is pivotal to review research findings by independently replicating results, thus making the findings more reliable. However, in econometric research, it is not yet common practice to publish replication findings.

Replication Wiki

This wiki, developed by researchers at the University of Göttingen (Germany), compiles replications of empirical studies in economics. It is a great resource for teaching replications to students. There is also opportunities for publication, as replication of existing studies can be published as replication working papers of the University of Göttingen’s Center for Statistics.

Join the Project

You can join the project by entering a new replication or indicating empirical studies that could be replicated. For the latter, you can vote which ones should be replicated in priority. Furthermore, you can improve the articles in the wiki and make comments. Under current events, you can post news and announce upcoming events. The community portal lists open tasks and suggestions for the wiki.

Added Value

This wiki seeks to raise awareness about the need to disseminate replications, spur conversations about the reasons why replications so often fail and what can be done about it, and educate future generations of economists about how to make their research more reproducible.

The project is funded by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).