Reproducible Research Computational Tools for the Next Generation of Social, Behavioral and Policy Scholars Catalyst Training ProjectInterdisciplinary

Jose M. Magallanes

In developing countries, accepted applicants to pursue PhD studies in highly-developed countries in the Social, Behavioral and Policy (SBP) fields will face several challenges. It will be particularly challenging to develop abilities to carry out research in a more transparent way, considering that this topic may not be present in the curriculum. There is enough time for them to learn the basic tools of reproducibility before they leave their countries, so as to encourage their adoption of transparent practices.

To master these tools, this workshop motivates and trains accepted applicants who are about to start their SBP PhD studies. The content will consider the background of SBP students in Latin America, and offer several workshops in Peru. The workshop will guide the students into the steps to ensure their research in shareable and replicable via the use of tools such as LaTeX, R, RStudio, Zotero, GitHub/AWS, Sharelatex/Overleaf, and Docker. This project will also provide curricular material in Spanish, which can be used for future activities in the region. It is also a great opportunity to involve universities and government agencies funding international higher education; which may increase the interest in the introduction of these topics in the higher education SBP curriculum.