Filling in the gaps: a workshop to promote, improve, and implement transparency and reproducibility tools in health economics research Catalyst Training ProjectEconomicsHealth Economics

Andrea Salas Ortiz

This project aims to improve open science (OS) practices in health economics research (HER) through the promotion of transparency and reproducibility (TR) tools. Although HER has a huge impact on the policy-making process, transparent and reproducible research has not been entirely fulfilled. The practice of OS standards within the community has been taken for granted. Even though many tools for OS research are available, barriers to their implementation still exist.

The workshop aims to introduce and promote OS tools to PhD students, early career researchers, and senior investigators in health economics. The materials and tools used in the RT2 2020 training will be tailored and promoted by the catalyst. This workshop also aims to understand the perceived norms within the community and identify how interests could be harmonized, and operations aligned to decrease the probability of reluctance to improve transparency and to identify the leadership role each researcher should play in adopting transparency tools and reproducibility standards.