Development of Research Transparency and Reproducibility Curriculum and Training Modules for Debre Markos University Catalyst Training ProjectPublic Health

Getachew Kassa

Research Transparency and Reproducibility (RT2) curriculum and training manuals are essential to improve knowledge and skill towards RT2 like research ethics, scientific misconduct, pre-registration, and pre-analysis plans, computational reproducibility and approaches to replication, and data management. However, the lack of standard curriculums and training manuals in the areas of RT2 has been the main challenge, particularly in academic institutions located in low-and-middle-income countries.

This project, therefore, plans to develop an RT2 curriculum and training manual for Debre Markos University, Ethiopia. The project will include rapid technical review and need assessment of the RT2 curriculum and training manual content. The documents will be prepared in accordance with global standards using available books and researches on RT2. Developed materials will guide, govern, and improve research activities and practice in Ethiopian universities.