Vedaste Ndizera BITSS CatalystGovernance

Dr. Vedaste Ndizera is a Lecturer at the University of Rwanda, Department of Political Science and International Relations. He holds a Ph.D. in Governance and Regional Integration, an MBA/Global Business, an MA in Tourism Management and a BA in English with concentration on Translation and Interpreting. Dr. Vedaste Ndizera speaks French and English fluently and has a working knowledge of Kiswahili. He has got extensive experience in teaching at higher learning institutions in Rwanda since 2008. He has done research on East African Integration, Governance, Tourism, and Hospitality Management which led to presentations in national and international conferences and publications. His current research interests include: Regional Integration (Africa), Governance, Pan-Africanism, Trade facilitation, and International Relations with a particular emphasis on championing transparency and reproducibility in social sciences research.