Sacha Epskamp 2016 Leamer-Rosenthal Prize RecipientPsychology

Emerging Researcher

During his four year PhD project, Sacha Epskamp worked on integrating network modeling techniques in the field of psychometrics, with applications in clinical, social and developmental psychology. In addition to theoretical work he has developed several software package to facilitate the use of their methods for empirical researchers. He recently started to work as an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam. In this position, he teaches Masters-level courses on network analysis, psychometrics, and multivariate statistics. In addition, his current research aims to develop new methodology for discovering psychological dynamics in longitudinal data.

Dr. Sacha Epskamp and Michèle Nuijten were jointly awarded this prize for their work developing statcheck, a free R package that detects p-value flaws in statistical analyses. The package has already has a large impact in the psychological research community. It was featured in Nature last month and the editors of Psychological Science are experimenting with incorporating it into their review process.

2016 Annual Meeting Leamer-Rosenthal Prize Winner Interview