Lawrence De Geest BITSS CatalystEconomics

Lawrence De Geest is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Suffolk University. His research and teaching interests are in environmental and applied microeconomics, experimental economics, econometrics and machine learning, and complex systems.

Alongside research and teaching, Lawrence volunteers with Statisticians Without Borders. He is also the author of panelGMM, an R package for estimating dynamic GMM-IV models for panel data with panel-robust standard errors.

Lawrence completed his PhD in Environmental and Resource Economics at UMass-Amherst in 2017. He was a member of the UMass-Amherst Computational Social Science Institute, and a member of the 2015 and 2017 workshops in Computational Social Science at the Santa Fe Institute for Complex Systems. Before his PhD, he was a research assistant for the Ecuadorian bureau of economic development (SENPLADES) and a freelance correspondent for Motherboard (Vice Magazine).