Iyabo Adeoye Agricultural EconomicsBITSS Catalyst

Iyabo Adeoye holds a Ph.D. degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and is currently the Acting Head of Department, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Department of National Horticultural Research Institute, Ibadan, Nigeria. She specializes in market intelligence and analysis, and value chain development of horticultural crops. Gender dimensions and women’s empowerment along the horticultural value chain also form part of her roles and responsibilities. She has worked in the field for about 12 years. Dr. Adeoye has a number of publications on wide ranging issues of Agriculture Economics in both local and international learned journals. She was involved in USAID-sponsored studies on cassava value chain analysis in Nigeria. She received a Netherlands Fellowship Award and an African Women in Agricultural Research (AWARD) among others. Recently, she participated in Research Transparency and Reproducibility Training in London where she was exposed to contemporary issues in research transparency, data sharing, and the importance of evidence-based research.