Heba Abou-El-Sood AccountingBITSS Catalyst

Dr. Heba Abou-El-Sood is an Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance at Cairo University Faculty of Commerce. Prior to that, she was affiliated with Lancaster University Management School. She holds an MPhil in Accounting with distinction from Cairo University, MSc in Accounting and Finance from Boston College, and PhD in Accounting and Finance from Lancaster University. She is a Fulbright Alumnus and a Newton Fellow.

Dr. Abou-El-Sood has been taking part in the initiative of institutional capacity building for Cairo University Faculty of Commerce research staff and is actively involved in the international relations office. She is an active member of the Research and Innovation Panel at the Accounting Department. Recently, she has been promoting transparency in research for the purpose of reproducibility and efficient data management and is starting to incorporate that into teaching and advising postgraduate students.

Dr. Abou-El-Sood has been the PR & media coverage officer and the Faculty of Commerce coordinator at the Anti-harassment and Violence against Women Unit at Cairo University.

Dr. Abou-El-Sood has valuable teaching experience in Accounting, Finance, and Banking modules at undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA levels. She has published in top-tier journals and magazines and serves as an ad-hoc reviewer at top journals.