MetaLab Contribution Challenge

To celebrate the release of its new website, the MetaLab team with support from the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) is organizing a challenge for authors of meta-analyses on cognitive development. This challenge will offer a total of $3,000 US in cash prizes to authors who contribute their meta-analysis data to the MetaLab database.

The conditions for the challenge are the following:

  • The meta-analysis should be on a topic relating to cognitive development and contain data on infants and children up to 4 years old. It can be published or not1.
  • Data contributed must follow the MetaLab format to be eligible. If submission occurs before March 30, 2018, the MetaLab team can check and advise submitters.
  • The final contribution must occur before June 30, 2018.

Three prizes of $1,000 US will be awarded to the top contributors, determined by the number of correctly filled cells in MetaLab format2. Double points will be awarded to those submissions that provide full documentation (all additional MetaLab spreadsheets including search protocolcodebook for all fields, and a PRISMA flowchart. A template can be found here). This rule might be of particular interest to those who work with a small number of eligible papers and thus potentially have fewer cells.

Beyond the cash prize, adding your meta-analysis to MetaLab can have several advantages both for you (more visibility for you and your meta-analysis) and the community (gaining a clearer view of the broader developmental picture). For more information, please read our tutorials and our documentation.

If you wish to participate and have feedback on your submission, please sign-up here before March 30, 2018.


1 If you are concerned about sharing your data on MetaLab before publishing a paper, please reach out to us. We have a great deal of experience with these cases and can discuss a suitable timeline for making your data public.

2 Authors collaborating with current MetaLab members can participate, but will be discounted by 50%.