Data Science Meets Social Science (Video)

The video from a recent BITSS roundtable entitled “Data Science Meets Social Science” is now available online. Organized in partnership with the UC Berkeley D-Lab, the event brought together leading social scientists and Silicon Valley professionals to discuss pathways of collaboration between the two different fields, and their increasing impact on society in the age of open science.



All across the social sciences we can see a convergence around the ideals of openness and reproducibility. Over the past years, the injection of ways of thinking and working from scientific computing into social science research has helped develop an infrastructure to make this agenda possible. Version control, forking, and repositories sustain data-intensive, compute-heavy collaborative projects that go a long way toward managing the tensions of distance and perspective. The social sciences are in the very earliest stages of exploring these tools, and they are just starting to think through what a truly open and collaborative community might be.