Paper Presentations for Annual Meeting Confirmed!

With the 2014 Research Transparency Forum around the corner (Dec. 11-12), we are excited to announce the papers to be presented during Friday’s Research Seminar.

After carefully reviewing over 30 competitive submissions, BITSS has selected 6 paper presentations:

  • Neil Malhotra (Stanford University): “Publication Bias in the Social Sciences: Unlocking the File Drawer”
  • Uri Simonsohn (University of Pennsylvania): “False-positive Economics”
  • Maya Petersen (UC Berkeley): “Data-adaptive Pre-specification for Experimental and Observational data”
  • Arthur Lupia (University of Michigan): “Data Access, Research Transparency, and the Political Science Editors’ Joint Statement”
  • Jan Höffler (University of Göttingen): “ReplicationWiki: A Tool to Assemble Information on Replications and Replicability of Published Research”
  • Garret Christensen (BITSS): “A Manual of Best Practices for Transparent Research”

For those yet to register please find more information regarding the event here and where to register here.