Announcing the New BITSS Advisory Board

BITSS is pleased to announce its new Advisory Board! Members include leading academics John Ioannidis (Stanford University, School of Medicine), Matthew Rabin (Harvard University, Economics), Bobbie Spellman (University of Virginia, School of Law), and Arthur Lupia (University of Michigan, Political Science). The Board will complement the work of the Executive Committee by providing strategic guidance for BITSS’ continued development, access to a larger network of researchers, and an enhanced capacity to identify and disseminate best practices in research transparency.

John Ioannidis is a Professor of Medicine and Health Research and Policy at Stanford University and co-directs the Meta-Research Innovation Center (METRICS), dedicated to studying and improving the rigor of academic research. Widely known for his article “Why most Published Research Findings are False,” Ioannidis is a pioneer in the field of research transparency and was featured in this year’s Research Transparency Forum. See his talk here.

Matthew Rabin is a Professor of Behavioral Economics at Harvard University and a former Professor at UC Berkeley whose research uses insights form Psychology to more accurately model human behavior. As an active BITSS supporter, Rabin will provide valuable insight on how to effectively increase transparency in theoretical and non-experimental research.

Bobbie Spellman is a Professor at the Law School and Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia. She is currently a member-at-large for the Psychology Steering Group of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Editor-in-Chief of Registered Replication Reports, a series of articles published in Perspectives on Psychological Science. Spellman’s experience developing innovative publishing models will help BITSS explore and promote alternatives to traditional academic outlets.

Arthur Lupia is a leading empirical Political Scientist at the University of Michigan and co-founder of TESS (Time-Sharing Experiments in the Social Sciences). He is also leading Data Access and Research Transparency (DA-RT), an initiative dedicated to engaging journal editors on the topic of open data and code publication. Lupia will help broaden BITSS’ engagement with academic journals and provide insight into how best to promote transparency in the scientific literature.