Creating Pedagogical Materials to Enhance Research Transparency at UCSD Catalyst Training ProjectInterdisciplinary

Scott Desposato Craig McIntosh

Location: UC San Diego (UCSD), USA

We will develop a core of teaching material around transparency and reproducibility that can be incorporated into graduate courses across the social sciences at UCSD. This project will draw on the library of materials from BITSS as well as from faculty at UCSD and the tools developed through the Policy Design and Evaluation Lab (PDEL)’s Data Replication service to create a one-week short course that can be deployed across courses. Our goal is to educate every new social science PhD student at UCSD about the importance of transparency and replicable research and empower them to incorporate transparency practices in their research from their first quarter at UCSD. Curricula will be made available on the BITSS library of educational materials as an alternative to the full semester course, and encourage the development of a set of discipline-specific add-on modules.

After completing the module, students will understand the importance of transparency for the scientific enterprise, they will recognize the institutional and incentive challenges to replicable research, they will be empowered with appropriate tools to adopt replicable practices, and they will understand the career costs and benefits of transparency.