Research Transparency and Reproducibility in the Social Sciences and Impact Evaluation Workshop Catalyst Training ProjectImpact Evaluation

Elise Wang Sonne

In order to raise the quality of academic manuscripts written by Niger’s graduate students to allow them to compete in the demanding arena of research, the Catalyst has partnered with the UC Berkeley OASIS Initiative to organize a three-day intensive bootcamp on research transparency and reproducibility in social science research and impact evaluation.

The aim of this activity is to (i) raise the awareness of Masters and PhD students in public health, sociology, psychology, political sciences, economics, and statistics of the Abdou Moumouni University in Niamey (Niger) of common academic research misconduct issues and present solutions to avoid and address them; and (ii) train researchers working for the UC Berkeley-OASIS Initiative in Niamey on data management and organization, developing pre-analysis plans, pre-registering studies, and dynamic documents, which will be extremely useful for their day-to-day tasks pertaining to ongoing impact evaluation projects.