Payments and Governance Research Program reproducible workflow onboarding Catalyst Training ProjectPolitical Science

Thomas Brailey

The Payments and Governance Research Program conducts large-scale Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) and provides independent, rigorous, and scientific evidence on India’s social policies. We are committed to going beyond transparency on the front end and want to ensure that our entire research pipeline—from power calculations to data analysis—is transparent and reproducible. To reach this standard, PGRP will transition our entire team towards a version-controlled research pipeline with GitHub. The training needs for such a transition are substantial. The Catalyst grant will facilitate the development of onboarding workshops and resources tailored for PGRP and eventually the whole of JPAL SA. We believe our team’s size and geographical spread are part of the opportunity. We can leverage this grant to diffuse good research norms across our global network of collaborators. We are excited to make this crucial investment in a transparent and reproducible workflow and a Catalyst grant will expedite that process.

Find all training materials developed as part of this project here.