Development and implementation of a short course in Open Science Catalyst Training ProjectInterdisciplinary

Arnaud Vaganay

Locations: Utrecht, Netherlands; Essex, UK; London School of Economics, UK

I will coordinate a multi-site, university-accredited, and extra-curricular summer course in Open Science to be held at the Utrecht Summer School, Essex Summer School, and LSE Summer School. This course will build on existing materials and programs (including those of BITSS and COS), has been endorsed by the Center for Open Science, and will provide ECTS credits to students taking an optional exam. The exam is being developed with Thomas Leeper (Assistant Professor in Political Behaviour at LSE) who will also assist in teaching the course at LSE.

The course aims to develop the perspectives, knowledge, and skills researchers need to make their research more open, i.e. more transparent and reproducible. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to (1) define open science and evaluate the openness of current research; (2) discuss the main drivers and obstacles to openness and critically assess solutions; (3) implement fundamental open science practices in their own workflows; and (4) apply these skills through the use of open science software and apps. Each course will target 20 graduate students and early career researchers.