Southeast Asian Social Sciences Workshops for Transparency and Reproducibility Catalyst Training ProjectInterdisciplinary

Ben Marwick

Reproducibility, transparency and openness of research has received a lot of attention and resources in Western countries, but the global South and East have had fewer opportunities to participate in these important developments in many research areas. This project will bring to five mainland Southeast Asian institutions with whom the Catalyst has collaborated a two-day workshop to motivate and update social scientists in the global East about current issues relating to the reproducibility, transparency and openness of research, and provide them with skills to improve their research along these lines.

The Catalyst will draw on BITSS materials and his own publications and presentations using the R programming language to teach general social science skills to enhance the reproducibility, transparency and openness of research. The workshops will be optimized for low-bandwidth internet, drawing on previous experience teaching computational methods in these locations. Workshop summaries will be generated in local languages and freely distributed online and in hard copy to more easily transmit the contents to students and other scholars.