Open Science in Agricultural Economics: Promoting Replicability, Reproducibility, and Transparency in Research Agricultural EconomicsCatalyst Training ProjectEconomics

Anna Josephson Jeffrey Michler Talip Kilic

Agricultural and applied economists (AAE) play a key role in delivering information and insight that contributes to policy in agriculture, the environment, and development. The success of these policies depends on the quality and transparency of the underlying research. However, standard MSc and PhD curricula in the field do not cover many of the best practices related to open science. 

With this project, we will develop materials, which will be used as part of a virtual workshop on transparency, replicability, and reproducibility in AAE research. The workshop will provide participants with an overview of the best practices and applied tools for open science. Materials will be made available via Open Science Framework and GitHub

Public Materials:

  • Lectures: https://osf.io/3vtng/, available under Files > BITSS: Open Science in Agricultural Economics
  • LSMS-ISA Handbook on Data Processing: https://github.com/jdavidm/lsms-isa_data_handbook