New Branches of the Student Initiative for Open Science Catalyst Training ProjectPsychology

Maike Dahrendorf

The Student Initiative for Open Science (SIOS) organizes events, workshops, and discussions to promote transparent and open research among students. As SIOS is based in Amsterdam, it has not been possible to accommodate interested students from other universities. The proposed project aims to encourage and enable interested students to start a new branch of SIOS at their own university. The development of a Step-by-Step guide, promotional materials, and guest lectures through the Open Science communities in the Netherlands will help grow the awareness of SIOS among students. By offering materials and a (virtual) workshop, the initial establishment of a new SIOS branch will be made as easy as possible. By creating more student-led initiatives for transparent and open science, students can better learn from each other and learn how to conduct and produce high-quality, reliable, and replicable research already from the beginning of their career.