Advancing Transparency and Reproducibility in Constrained Contexts in Public Health Catalyst Training ProjectPublic Health

Ahwaz Akhtar

Public health practitioners frequently find themselves in a bind: faced with high volumes of data, frequent demands for non-standard analyses, and quick turnaround times, even the most rigorous and transparent workflows are not safe from analysis breakdown and miscommunication, something seen all-too-frequently during the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, there is a need to make workflows resistant to such “short-circuiting” with fail-safe checks that strike the right balance between the need for speed and ensuring transparency and reproducibility.

In this project, we will try to deal with thorny questions e.g. how to maintain privacy when managing contact-tracing data, ensuring rigor even when timelines are short and how to communicate results to non-literate in when trust between researchers and the broader community is scarce. This project will be executed at the Global Health Directorate of Indus Health Network located in Karachi, Pakistan.