E.J. Wagenmakers 2016 Leamer-Rosenthal Prize RecipientPsychology

Leader in Education

Professor Dr. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers is a mathematical psychologist and a dedicated Bayesian. He works for the Psychological Methods unit at the University of Amsterdam and he is PI on the European Research Council grant “Bayes or Bust: Sensible Hypothesis Tests for Social Scientist”, a grant that recently spawned the JASP open-source program for statistical analyses (www.jasp-stats.org). Prof. Wagenmakers is also a strong advocate of Open Science and the preregistration of analysis plans.

Dr. Wagenmakers is being recognized for his design and leadership of the graduate-level course “Good Research Practices” at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The course has been well received by participating students due to its interactive nature, relevant content, and accessibility. It is now mandatory for all first-year Masters students in the UvA Psychology program. Dr. Wagenmakers has co-authored an influential paper on reproducibility and several replication studies, edited a special issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science on reproducibility in psychology, integrated transparency tools into statistical analysis software, and widely uses open science practices. He has been a passionate advocate of transparency and reproducibility in both his classroom and the wider psychological science research community.