Ben Marwick AnthropologyBITSS Catalyst

Ben Marwick is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington Anthropology Department and a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Wollongong Centre for Archaeological Science. A graduate of the University of Western Australia and The Australian National University, Ben’s main research activities combine models from evolutionary ecology with analyses of archaeological evidence to investigate past human behavior. His specific interests include the hominin colonization of mainland Southeast Asia, forager technologies, and ecology in Australia, mainland Southeast Asia and elsewhere. He has technical specializations in stone artifact analyses and geoarchaeology. Ben has also written about how archaeology engages with local communities and popular culture.

Woven throughout all his work is a deep commitment to reproducible research. As a Data Science Fellow in the University of Washington eScience Institute, Ben is active in the development of techniques and methods for improving the reproducibility of archaeology and the social sciences in general.