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The BITSS Resource Library contains resources for learning, teaching, and practicing research transparency and reproducibility, including curricula, slide decks, books, guidelines, templates, software, and other tools. All resources are categorized by i) topic, ii) type, and iii) discipline. Filter results by applying criteria along these parameters or use the search bar to find what you’re looking for.

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Reshaping Institutions Economics and Finance+

Reshaping Institutions is a paper by Katherine Casey, Rachel Glennerster, and Edward Miguel that uses a pre-analysis plan to analyze the effects of a community driven development program in Sierra Leone. They discuss the contents and benefits of a PAP in detail, and include a “cherry-picking” table that shows the wide flexibility of analysis that is possible without pre-specification. The PAP itself is included in Appendix A in the supplementary materials, available at the link above.
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Pre-Analysis Plan Template Economics and Finance+

Pre-analysis Plan Template, by Alejandro Ganimian, is useful for instructors when teaching transparency methods, and for researchers themselves when developing their own pre-analysis plan.

Find a .doc version of this template here. Find a .tex version here.

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Pre-Analysis Plan Checklist Economics and Finance+

Pre-analysis Plan Checklist, by David McKenzie, Lead Economist at the World Bank Development Research Group.

Experimental Lab Standard Operating Procedures Data Management and De-identification+

This standard operating procedure (SOP) document describes the default practices of the experimental research group led by Donald P. Green at Columbia University. These defaults apply to analytic decisions that have not been made explicit in pre-analysis plans (PAPs). They are not meant to override decisions that are laid out in PAPs. The contents of our lab’s SOP available for public use. We welcome others to copy or adapt it to suit their research purposes.

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Standardized Disclosure Peer Review PsychologyTransparent Reporting

A standard statement developed for peer review in psychology.

“I request that the authors add a statement to the paper confirming whether, for all experiments, they have reported all measures, conditions, data exclusions, and how they determined their sample sizes. The authors should, of course, add any additional text to ensure the statement is accurate. This is the standard reviewer disclosure request endorsed by the Center for Open Science [see]. I include it in every review.”

Blog discussion of the statement: here and here.

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RStudio Dynamic Documents and Coding PracticesInterdisciplinary

RStudio is a popular and free user interface for R. R Markdown offers an easy way to implement dynamic documents, which are reproducible scripts that contain data, analysis, and nicely formatted outputs all in one file. For Stata users, dynamic documents can be created with Markdoc.

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Git InterdisciplinaryVersion Control

Git is a free and widely-used version control system. It allows researchers to preserve, track, and revert to different versions of their project files in what are called Git Repositories. Software Carpentry offers useful tutorials for version control with Git. Github is a well-designed and popular host for Git repositories, and also offers a graphical application for managing repositories. It is used for sharing project files and collaborating. Github Guides are excellent tutorials for learning how to use Github.

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Zotero InterdisciplinaryTransparent Reporting

Zotero is the only research tool that automatically senses content in your web browser, allowing you to add it to your personal library with a single click. Whether you’re searching for a preprint on, a journal article from JSTOR, a news story from the New York Times, or a book from your university library catalog, Zotero has you covered with support for thousands of sites.