Sep 15, 2021  –  Dec 1, 2021  | 

UC Berkeley ReproducibiliTea Meeting: Principles for data analysis workflows

Sep. 15 – BITSS is a founding partner of the UC Berkeley ReproducibiliTea Journal Club, one of over 137 ReproducibiliTea chapters worldwide, established to help build a local community of researchers, students, and staff who are interested in practicing and supporting transparent and reproducible science.

Join us for the opening meeting of UCB ReproducibiliTea, which will take place at 4-5 pm PT on Wednesday, Sep. 15 on Zoom. At the meeting, Ciera Martinez, Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences Lead at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) will present “Principles for data analysis workflows”, join work with Sara Stoudt and Váleri N. Vásquez. Register here to attend!

Future UCB ReproducibiliTea meetings will take place on the first Wednesday of the month. Upcoming presentations include:

A full list of readings is available in this Zotero Library. Contact Sam Teplitzky or Katie Hoeberling with questions.