Curate Science Meta-AnalysisPsychologyReplications

Curate Science is a website that organizes and summarizes independent direct replication results meta-analytically so psychologists and researchers can calibrate their beliefs in empirical findings according to independent replication evidence. Each curated set of replications includes meta-analytic forest plots, links to open data, open materials, and pre-registration information for individual studies, verbal summaries, and comments from original authors.

Political Science Replication Political ScienceReplications

Political Science Replication is a blog about reproducibility, replication, pre-registration, research transparency and open peer review.

Replication Network EconomicsReplications

The Replication Network is a group of economists dedicated to promoting the practice of replication in the field of economics.

Replication Wiki EconomicsReplications

ReplicationWiki is a wiki-based service which lists and provides links to replications of empirical studies in economics, studies which have yet to be replicated, and material to assist with replication.

Impact Evaluation Replication Programme Impact EvaluationReplications

International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) Replication Grant funds replications. Funding requests are reviewed on a rolling basis. High quality applicants are invited to submit full proposals.

Edawax Replications

Edawax conducts meta-research on a variety of topics related to research practices – including an analysis of the data sharing policies of peer-reviewed journals – with the hope of 1) gaining the insight to identify the obstacles to performing replications and 2) using those insights to develop resources and infrastructure to facilitate replications and meta-analysis.