J-PAL Hypothesis Registry Pre-Analysis PlansRegistry

The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) hypothesis registry accepted submissions from 2009 to 2013, and was then replaced by the AEA’s registry, socialscienceregistry.org. The hypothesis registry contains 13 examples of pre-analysis plans, primarily from economists doing randomized controlled trials in developing country settings, but also from a large-scale policy natural experiment using the Medicaid program in Oregon. Additional pre-analysis plans from the Oregon experiment are available here.

OSF Data RepositoryRegistrySoftwareVersion Control

Open Science Framework (OSF) is part version control system, and part collaboration software that allows researchers to move study materials to the cloud, share and find materials, detail individual contributions, make research design more visible and register materials to certify research design was not modified to alter outcomes. To increase workflow flexibility OSF offers a structured yet open system where researchers can post a description of their study and its goals. The OSF emphasizes versatility with a very wide range of tools and features including ad-ons from other related sites such as dataverse and github.

RIDIE Impact EvaluationRegistry

Registry of International Development Impact Evaluations (RIDIE) made in collaboration with the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation 3ie and the RAND Corporation is a prospective registry that enables researchers and evaluators to record information about their evaluation designs before conducting the analysis, as well as update information as the study proceeds and post findings upon study completion.

EGAP Political ScienceRegistry

Experiments in Governance and Politics (EGAP) Registry allows users to submit an array of information via an online form. Registered studies can be viewed in the form of a pdf on the EGAP site. The EGAP registry is straightforward and emphasizes simplicity for registering impact evaluations.

ClinicalTrials.gov Public HealthRegistry

ClinicalTrials.gov is a registry and database that provides information on publicly and privately funded clinical trials, maintained by the national library of medicine and the National Institute of Health. Studies are often submitted to the site when they begin and are regularly updated along the way. Others are resulted ex-post.

AEA RCT EconomicsRegistry

American Economic Association (AEA) Randomized Control Registry is a registry for RCTs conducted in the social sciences. Because existing registries are not well suited to the need for social sciences, in April 2012, the AEA executive committee decided to establish such a registry for economics and other social sciences.