Research Transparency MOOC EducationVideo Library

Demand is growing for evidence-based policy making, but there is also growing recognition in the social science community that limited transparency and openness in research have contributed to widespread problems. With this course, you can explore the causes of limited transparency in social science research, as well as tools to make your own work more open and reproducible.

Free Statistical Consulting Educationstatistics

The Center for Open Science offers free statistical and methodological consulting (sometimes with the help of BITSS). We answer questions and provide training on open and reproducible tools, methodologies, and workflows.

Manual of Best Practices Education

Manual of Best Practices, written by Garret Christensen (BITSS) with assistance from Courtney Soderberg (Center for Open Science), is a working guide to the latest “best practices” for transparent quantitative social science research. The manual is regularly updated on GitHub. For suggestions or feedback, contact

Github Training Education

GitHub training offers free and premium educational material from beginner to advance on GitHub.

Software Carpentry Education

Software Carpentry offers online tutorials for data analysis including Version Control with Git, Using Databases and SQL, Programming with Python, Programming with R and Programming with MATLAB.

Open Science Training Initiative Education

Open Science Training Initiative (OSTI), provides a series of lectures in open science, data management, licensing and reproducibility, for use with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. The lectures can be used individually as one-off information lectures in aspects of open science, or can be integrated into existing course curriculum. Content, slides and advice sheets for the lectures and other training materials are being gradually released on the GitHub repository as the official release versions become available.

Swirl EducationSoftware

Swirl is a software package for the R programming language that turns the R console into an interactive learning environment. Users receive immediate feedback as they are guided through self-paced lessons in data science and R programming.

Data Science Certificate EducationOnline Course

Data Science Certificate offered on Coursera, is set of nine classes that cover the concepts and tools needed to analyze data starting with asking the right kinds of questions to making inferences and publishing results.

Reproducible Research EducationOnline Course

Reproducible Research taught by Roger D. Peng, Jeff Leek, and Brian Caffoof of Johns Hopkins University is a course on Coursera that teaches methods to organize data analysis so that it is reproducible and accessible to others. In this course students will learn to write a document using R markdown, integrate live R code into a literate statistical program and compile R markdown documents using knitr and related tools.

OpenIntro Statistics EducationStatisticsTextbook

OpenIntro Statistics is a free comprehensive 400 page online textbook and suite of educational material on statistics and data analysis.

Implementing Reproducible Research EducationTextbook

Implementing Reproducible Research by Victoria Stodden, Friedrich Leisch, and Roger D. Peng covers many of the elements necessary for conducting and distributing reproducible research. The book focuses on the tools, practices, and dissemination platforms for ensuring reproducibility in computational science.

The Workflow of Data Analysis Using Stata EducationTextbook

Stata by J. Scott Long, explains how to manage aspects of data analysis including cleaning data; creating, renaming, and verifying variables; performing and presenting statistical analyses and producing replicable results.